As an event venue, we are aware that we often use resources and services for one-time use, and we are determined to create a positive impact wherever possible. We strive to utilize resources to minimize negative environmental effects and focus on initiatives that contribute to a better future. Our commitment to sustainability is reflected both in our venue and the activities that take place here. Allow us to share more about it..

Climate "friendly" installation

During the transformation of The Hallen complex, we enlisted the expertise of Unica Ecopower to develop an advanced climate control system. Thanks to the Ground Source Heat Pump system installed in the ground, we can efficiently cool during summers and heat during winters.

The Amsterdam soil beneath the building also offers possibilities for thermal energy storage, enabling us to store cold in winter for reduced cooling needs in the summer. This approach leads to an impressive reduction of more than 340 tons of CO2 emissions per year, contributing to a more sustainable future.

Responsible waste separation

In our day-to-day operations, we place significant emphasis on waste separation, including plastic, paper, glass, and general waste. Especially on event days when a relatively large amount of waste is generated in a short timeframe, we recognize the significance of our efforts for the environment.

Energy efficient lightning

With a space of almost 1500 m2, lighting De Hallen Studio's is a challenge in itself. Nevertheless, we are determined to minimize our ecological footprint. Therefore, we predominantly use energy-efficient LED lighting throughout the venue. This investment in sustainable lighting will pay off in the long run, contributing to a greener future.

Sustainable partnerships

During events, we closely collaborate with partners who share the same sustainable values as us.

For instance, our caterers find useful purposes for leftover organic waste (GFT), minimizing waste. Additionally, we strive to exclusively use recycled napkins and wooden cutlery to avoid single-use plastics.

With over 1500 m2 hosting thousands of visitors annually, we consume a significant amount of coffee. Our partner 'de koffiejongens' ensures that we use coffee cups made from plants, which can be converted to compost.

We also offer a refreshing water bar, filled with various fresh flavors from herbs and fruits, allowing guests to enjoy unlimited water without the need for plastic bottles. An added advantage is that we support local businesses in the neighborhood with our purchases.

Last but not least, we use silk green decorations, made with 30-60% recycled materials and significantly lower carbon footprints. Not to forget, their longer lifespan allows us to use them in many events.

At De Hallen Studio's, we believe that sustainability is not just a responsibility but also an opportunity to elevate our events to a higher level. Together with our partners and guests, we strive to reduce our ecological impact and create a sustainable future that leaves lasting memories for generations to come.


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1053 RT Amsterdam
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