Marc is the initiator and driving force behind De Hallen Studio’s. With a background in television production and experience as a producer of large-scale events, he has transformed De Hallen Studio’s into the exceptional and versatile location it is today.

Managing Director

Theo brings years of experience in the events industry, having worked in various roles. He supervises the team at De Hallen Studio’s and ensures the quality of service and the venue. 

He is also actively involved as an event manager, always embracing the motto 'nothing is impossible' to ensure that every event is a success.

Nienke Bezemer
Head of Marketing / Sales

Nienke combines marketing and sales in her role. She is responsible for partnerships and content, and also works on a strategic level within the company. 

Outside of work, she enjoys exploring cultures and traveling, embracing athletic challenges, and constantly learning about cooking, wine, and photography.

Fleurieke Burggraaf
Sales Manager

As a Sales Manager, Fleur is responsible for all sales activities within the team. Additionally, she also organizes events within De Hallen Studio’s.

Outside of work, she enjoys family life, having delightful dinners with friends and family, and exploring unique places both within and outside her own city. 

Jip van Onselder
Project Manager

After completing her studies at the Hotel Management School Maastricht, Jip joined the team at De Hallen Studio’s. As a Project Manager, she is responsible for the organization process of events and productions that take place at De Hallen Studio’s. 

Outside of work, you can often find her at the beach, on a terrace, or in the kitchen cooking up something delicious for friends or family.

Sarah Kloosterman
Project/Operationeel Manager

After her internship at De Hallen Studio’s, Sarah decided to stay and work as a Project/Operational Manager. In this role, she is involved in both the organization and execution of events and productions.

In her free time, Sarah explores all the fun things that Amsterdam has to offer and enjoys the hospitality and coziness of the city's restaurants and cafes. 

Fred Bastiaans

Fred Bastiaans takes care of ensuring that De Hallen Studio’s remain in excellent condition as the facility manager. 

Additionally, he handles logistics and oversees the delivery and removal of materials by suppliers.


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